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Sun Shirts for Fishing – Why Choose It Over Cotton Shirts?

Sun Shirts for Fishing – Why Choose It Over Cotton Shirts?

Whether you're a seasoned angler or a newbie just wading into the vast world of fishing, one thing's for sure: your collection of fishing shirts is likely expanding faster than you can bait a hook. Those shirts are more than some random pieces of fabric; they're an absolute essential in your fishing gear arsenal. 

But, if you're looking for the best fishing shirts for men that can take on the wild, unpredictable seas, you need something extra special – a sun shirt.

So, what makes sun shirts for fishing stand out among the rest? Sun shirts are like the Spartans of the fishing shirt world – tough, resilient, and ready for action. In this blog, we look at some salient features of fishing sun shirts and discuss why you should choose them over your plain old cotton tee.

The Benefits of Sun Shirts for Fishing

If you have a passion for angling, you must be ready to spend long hours outdoors. When you are under the sun and feeling sweaty and sticky, you might want to wear your comfiest clothes. 

Newbies to the fishing world often mistake this to mean that their trusted old cotton tee would make for good fishing gear. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. If you want sun protection and comfortable clothing, UV-protective fishing shirts are a better choice. 

Let’s find out the essential qualities to look for in the best sun shirts for fishing. 


Your old college shirt might be fine for lounging about the house or hitting the gym, but it's got no place on your fishing boat. While comfy in most scenarios, cotton has a nasty habit of soaking up water like a sponge at a pub on a Friday night. Out on the boat, this is no joke. Wet clothes are a real buzzkill, plus they do squat to shield you from the sun's brutal rays.

So, to dodge the torture of wearing damp clothing for hours on the water, grab a fishing sun shirt made from stuff like polyester, nylon, or even some light silk with a water-repelling finish. These fabrics are legends at keeping water out and stopping those UV rays from cooking your skin, so you stay high and dry, no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

Sun Protection:

When on the hunt for a sun shirt for fishing, you must consider one crucial factor: the Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating. Your run-of-the-mill cotton fishing shirt will have a lousy UPF rating of 5, which is clearly not enough to protect you against the harsh Aussie sun. 

Whether you're wetting a line every day or just seasonally, you need a shirt with a UPF rating between 30 and 50+. The best fishing sun protection clothing is built with UPF 50 material, which gives those harmful UV rays a right whacking. Even when these shirts get wet, they only let through a measly 2% of UV radiation. This level of sun protection is vital for keeping your hide safe from UV-related concerns like skin cancer and premature aging. 

If you really want to go the extra mile to protect your skin, throw in a long-sleeved sun shirt for fishing. It might sound simple, but the more skin you cover, the less you're giving those UV rays a chance to ruin your day. Toss in a hood, a gaiter, and a fishing visor to your fishing gear, and you're all set to protect your neck, shoulders, and head from sneaky sunburns. So, rain or shine, you're ready for a day on the boat.

Steer clear of shirts made from rayon and hemp. They offer bugger-all sun protection compared to a dedicated sun shirt tailor-made for fishing.


Besides the UV shield, these fishing sun shirts usually come loaded with features that aim to maximise your comfort and performance on the brine. A lot of them have sporty stitching for extra toughness, moisture-wicking tech to keep you dry, and fabric that's a champ at resisting stains and staying fresh as a daisy, even during a full day under the scorching sun.

Now, don't overlook any designs or words printed on your fishing shirt. When it's done wrong, screen printing can make your shirt feel like a furnace, especially when the mercury is climbing. A top-notch performance fishing shirt should be dye-sublimated, which keeps the print from cracking, fading, or overheating under the sun. When you touch a dye-sublimated print, it feels just like the shirt material, and that makes it heaps more breathable for you.

Final Thoughts

With the right pick and proper TLC, a fishing sun shirt can stick around for years, keeping your skin happy and your fishing days a breeze. So, it’s high time you ditch those cotton fishing shirts and swap them with water-resistant and UV-protective fishing shirts. 

When choosing the ultimate shirt for your fishing escapades, the sun shirt leaves cotton shirts in the dust. Its water-resistant mojo keeps you dry and cosy, while its high UPF rating dishes out top-tier protection from the sun's relentless assault. All those comfort perks ensure you're focused on fishing, not fiddling with your gear. 

So, whether you're a dedicated angler or just getting started, it's time to make the switch to sun shirts for fishing – your skin and fishing game will be forever grateful. Get maximum comfort with our Australian-made, high-quality fishing shirts for men. With one of these in your fishing kit, you'll be all set to conquer a full day of angling adventures. Check out our extensive collection of men’s fishing shirts now!